Who Knew? Marketing is Like Gardening

Marketing is a tool to help grow your business.  Think of it being a seed.   A seed in your hand does nothing, but once you plant, water and feed it, what happens?  A plant emerges from the earth and begins to grow.  Yes, it takes time and yes, you have to keep watering and taking care of it.  If you don’t, it will never produce its flowers or fruit, but will wither and die.  But, when you do invest your time and energy into properly cultivating that seed, you will ultimately be rewarded with the “fruits of your labor”.

Marketing is much the same way. You may look at your budget and think “what am I getting for all the money that I spend on marketing and advertising?” Like the seed, it can be hard to see the results in the short term, especially if you do not implement the marketing plan to grow it.  With commitment and a consistent message sent across multiple channels, your idea will start to grow just as the seed does.  Patience is needed.  Some seeds take longer to grow and produce fruit than others.  For best results, the seed may need extra watering, just like we need to occasionally “add more water” to our marketing strategies with fresh ideas and perspectives to achieve optimal results.

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