Top 3 Tips for Facebook

Facebook logoYou know you should do it. You may have tried in the past. Maybe you are doing it now and getting frustrated. No matter your situation, Facebook is a platform that cannot be ignored. Here are 3 simple tips for Facebook.

1. Post Regularly- If your fans have chosen to follow you, then you owe it to them to post regularly. Also nothing looks worse than and old news feed that hasn’t had a post in months. You want your fans to come to your page to see what you have to share, and then they can share it themselves. What this creates for you is credibility among your fans/friends that you are a go to source. It is an online friend to friend referral, and it can be free to low cost to do. The amount of organic reach is declining, but if you continue to share relevant and interesting posts on a regular schedule, your fans will see it.

2. Post Quality Content- Post content that your fans will want to share. Posts with pictures get shared more often than ones with no picture. So, know your message and pick a good picture. For every promotional offer that you post, you should post 2-3 non promotional offers.

3. Be Personal- Your fans want to know that there is a human on the other side of the screen. Even with the advancements in technology, there is still a pull for the human connection. Reach out to your fans, find out what interests them, and engage them. Make it easy for them to contact you with concerns and compliments, then respond to them.

We have already seen the trend of declining reach, and it will continue to become more competitive to be heard above the noise of social media, but if you build yourself a strong local offline community, they will carry over online. Besides they are the ones that will follow and share your content regularly anyway.

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