Slider or No Slider

Homepage slider to have or not to haveWe all know that we need a website that is responsive, user friendly and informative. We also want a site that users will want to be on and easy to find the information they need. But do we need a slider(slideshow) on our website? You hear arguments from both sides, it will mainly come down to a personal preference for your site but these are some points you might want to keep in mind.

  • Dilute Your Message– Yes images are nice to look at and yes users will look at images more often than read your content. But if you have several offers in your slider, does that show you as an authority in your trade or just a “do it all” company?
  • Slow Down Your Site– It can also slow down your site, negatively impact SEO and hurt your conversion rates. If you load a website and it does not load correctly in a short amount of time, what are you going to do? Click back and find another site. Not what we want.
  • Push Important Content Below the Fold– Less than 3% of users will click on the slider and it can push more of your important content below the fold. If the user cannot find what they need quickly and easily they will leave your site and visit your competitors.
  • Affect User Experience– Not all devices handle sliders well and with 2/3 of users in the US owning a smart phone, that is a lot of people that could potentially not be seeing your content.

In conclusion sliders can be nice and they can make sites look sharp, but if your goal is for conversions than maybe a slider is not a good idea for your site. Just remember when you make your website or redesign your website that the ultimate goal is to keep the end user in mind.

So tell me do you have a slider on your website? Do you notice that users are not clicking on it? Or do you have success with a slider? Let me know in the comments below.

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