Our Process

ARC will help develop a Winning Marketing Strategy by working closely with Owners, Senior Management, and Key Personnel and by getting to better understand your business and its customers.

The first step in developing a Marketing Strategy is listening.  We first listen to you to learn about where you are and where you want to go with the business.  Then we also listen to your employees to see if they know the company’s philosophy, customer and mission.  Lastly, we listen to your customers to see what they are looking for from your company. 

The next step is Research.  This will allow us to learn what likeminded businesses and competitors are doing to acquire and retain customers.  It will help us identify the message that works with your customer.  It helps to discover what they want and need, what price they will pay and where to find customers that will most likely buy.

A Winning Marketing Strategy consists of (1) a cohesive melding of whom you are targeting, (2) positioning to differentiate yourself from your competitors and (3) what features your product or service will have. It also addresses (4) what message to send and (5) how to send it, (6) what price you will charge and (7) how you will respond to customer service.

We help you formulate a marketing strategy that reflects the needs, interests, habits, and behaviors of your customer through research and by knowing your business.

ARC will take that Marketing Strategy and use it to construct a common sense Marketing Plan.

The marketing plan will contain:

1.    An overview of the customer’s market

2.    An overview of their key competitor’s and what they are doing in the marketplace

3.    An overview of the key features of the products and/or services being marketed looking closely at the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats facing your business

4.    The corporate Goals and Objectives will be reviewed to make sure they match up with the Marketing Plan

5.    A detailed Executable Action Plan and Implementation Schedule will be outlined with the right mix of Marketing Services

ARC will execute the Plan using proven Marketing Services.  (See Marketing Services)